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Step 4: Attach a verified funding source #

Next, you will create and attach a verified funding source to Joe Buyer, which will be done using Plaid, a third-party bank verification provider. This method will give Joe Buyer the ability to add and verify his bank account in a matter of seconds by authenticating with his online banking credentials. Once Joe Buyer reaches the page in your application to add a bank account, you will first use Plaid Link to authenticate the user's bank account, exchange the public_token for a processor_token, and then send the processor_token to Dwolla to create a funding source.

To integrate Dwolla with Plaid, we recommend checking out our Add a Bank via Dwolla + Plaid Integration guide. Additionally, if you would like to see a working example that verifies a bank via Plaid Link (using Next.js/React) and attaches it as a verified funding source to a Dwolla Customer, please check out our dwolla-plaid-funding-source integration example on our GitHub profile.

Finally, once an instantly-verified funding source has been created via Plaid, Joe Buyer is now set up and ready to send money!

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