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Testing Funding Sources #

Test bank account numbers #

Dwolla requires a valid U.S. routing number and a random account number between 4-17 digits to add a bank account. For testing purposes, you can use the routing number 222222226 or refer to the list of routing numbers from the Federal Reserve Bank Services website.

Test micro-deposit verification #

If your application leverages the micro-deposit method of bank verification, Dwolla will transfer two deposits of less than $0.10 to your customer's linked bank or credit union account after calling the API to initiate micro-deposits. Since the Sandbox environment doesn't replicate any bank transfer processes, any two amounts below $0.10 will allow you to verify the funding source immediately. In Production, when the micro-deposits have finished processing, you will receive a customer_microdeposits_completed event. To trigger this event in Sandbox, you need to simulate bank transfer processing. Check out the testing transfers section for more information on how to simulate bank transfer processing in Sandbox.

Use our step-by-step guide to verify a funding-source with micro-deposits.

Test micro-deposit failed verification attempts #

When verifying a funding source using the micro-deposit method of bank verification, users are allowed three attempts to correctly input the two posted micro-deposit amounts. If the user fails to verify the two posted amounts on the third attempt, an event will be triggered and the funding source will not be verified using those micro-deposit amounts. To simulate the microdeposits_maxattempts or customer_microdeposits_maxattempts events in the Sandbox, use the amounts 0.09 and 0.09 when calling the API to verify micro-deposits. Reference the micro-deposit verification guide for more information on handling failed verification attempts.

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