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Beneficial Owners #

Verified Customers of type business are required to verify the identity of beneficial owners in addition to the controller of the business if they are one of the following business types:

  • Corporation
  • LLC
  • Partnership
For more information on how to add beneficial owners, or to learn more on whether certain business types are exempt, reference our step by step guide.

Beneficial owners resource #

idThe beneficial owner unique identifier.
firstNameThe legal first name of the beneficial owner.
lastNameThe legal last name of the beneficial owner.
addressThe beneficial owner's physical address.
verificationStatusPossible values of verified, document, or incomplete.
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "",
            "type": "application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json",
            "resource-type": "beneficial-owner"
    "id": "caa81a5f-ec1e-4559-8b32-d90655bfd03c",
    "firstName": "Joe",
    "lastName": "owner",
    "address": {
        "address1": "12345 18th st",
        "address2": "Apt 12",
        "address3": "",
        "city": "Des Moines",
        "stateProvinceRegion": "IA",
        "country": "US",
        "postalCode": "50265"
    "verificationStatus": "verified"
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