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Create a document for a customer #

Create a document for a Customer pending verification by uploading a color scan or photo of government issued identification (see below for acceptable document types). This requires a multipart form-data POST request. The uploaded file must be a color image, in a .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format, and less than 10MB in size. Additionally, Business Documents can also be uploaded in a .pdf format.

Acceptable documents #

Customer typeAcceptable documentsPersonal Verified Customerpassport, license, or idCard. Must be a color scan of US Government issued identification.Business Verified CustomerController documents - passport, license, or idCard. Must be a color scan of US Government issued identification.
Business documents - other. Refer to our guide on Handling Document status for Business Verified Customers for acceptable documents.

HTTP request #

POST https://api.dwolla.com/customers/{id}/documents

Request Parameters #

Form FieldDescriptiondocumentTypeAcceptable values of: passport, license, idCard, or other. Refer to the acceptable documents section for more information on how these document types apply to each Customer type.fileFile contents.

HTTP status and error codes #

HTTP StatusCodeDescription201CreatedA document resource was created.400maximumNumberOfResourcesMax of four files upload allowed. Please wait for Dwolla to manually check the documents.400invalidFileTypeFile types supported:
Personal IDs - .jpg, .jpeg or .png.
Business Documents - .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .pdf.400DuplicateResourceDocument already exists. Follow the link to find the existing document for the Customer.403invalidResourceStateResource cannot be modified. Document creation not allowed for already verified Customers or non-verified Customer types.403notAuthorizedNot authorized to create documents.404notFoundCustomer not found. Check CustomerId.413fileTooLargeDocument requests are limited to 10 MiB.

Request and response #

var customerUrl =

var requestBody = new FormData();
requestBody.append("file", fs.createReadStream("mclovin.jpg"), {
  filename: "mclovin.jpg",
  contentType: "image/jpeg",
  knownLength: fs.statSync("mclovin.jpg").size,
requestBody.append("documentType", "license");

  .post(`${customerUrl}/documents`, requestBody)
  .then((res) => res.headers.get("location")); // => "https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/documents/fb919e0b-ffbe-4268-b1e2-947b44328a16"

Test in the Sandbox for free today.

Use sandbox environment to test API requests.

Get API Keys
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