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Documents #

Verified Customers of type personal or business and of status document require color photos of identifying documents to be uploaded for manual review in order to be verified. Currently, SDK support for document upload only exists for Ruby, Node.js, and Python. To upload a document using other languages, you must use an external HTTP library.

For more information on handling the Customer verification status of document, reference our Business Customer or Personal Customer guides.

Document resource #

ParameterDescriptionidDocument unique identifiertypeEither passport, license, idCard, or other. Must be a color scan of US Government issued identification.
Refer to the acceptable documents section for more information on what each type is used for.statusEither pending or reviewed. When a document has been manually reviewed by Dwolla, its status will be reviewed. A reviewed document does not necessarily indicate that the customer has completed the identity verification process.documentVerificationStatusThe value of this field indicates the status of the document after being reviewed by Dwolla. Values can be either pending, accepted, or rejected.createdISO 8601 Timestamp of document upload time and date.failureReasonThe reason an uploaded document was rejected. Can be: BusinessDocNotSupported, BusinessNameMismatch, BusinessTypeMismatch, ScanDobMismatch, ScanFailedOther, ScanIdExpired, ScanIdTypeNotSupported, ScanNameMismatch, ScanNotReadable or ScanNotUploaded.allFailureReasonsAn array of reasons and descriptions for when an uploaded document is rejected for multiple reasons.
  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "https://api.dwolla.com/documents/56502f7a-fa59-4a2f-8579-0f8bc9d7b9cc"
  "id": "56502f7a-fa59-4a2f-8579-0f8bc9d7b9cc",
  "status": "reviewed",
  "type": "passport",
  "created": "2015-09-29T21:42:16.000Z",
  "documentVerificationStatus": "rejected",
  "failureReason": "ScanDobMismatch",
  "allFailureReasons": [
          "reason": "ScanDobMismatch",
          "description": "Scan DOB does not match DOB on account"
          "reason": "ScanIdExpired",
          "description": "ID is expired or missing expiration date"

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