Step 2 - Create a funding source for a Customer using a plaidToken #

This step assumes you’ve created a Customer for the user that you’ve authenticated or will authenticate with Plaid. Using the processor_token obtained from the previous step, you’ll pass this in as the value of the plaidToken request parameter; along with a funding source name in the request to create a funding source for a Customer.

Request and response (view schema in 'raw')
var customerUrl =
var requestBody = {
  plaidToken: "processor-sandbox-161c86dd-d470-47e9-a741-d381c2b2cb6f",
  name: "Jane Doe’s Checking",

  .post(`${customerUrl}/funding-sources`, requestBody)
  .then((res) => res.headers.get("location")); // => ''

Obtain a funding source URL that belongs to the Customer #

Once you’ve received a successful response from the API, you’ll use the unique funding source URL to identify the Customer’s bank when initiating ACH transfers.

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