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Webhooks #

When a new event is created, and there is an active webhook subscription, a new webhook is created in order to deliver that event. Attempted deliveries are recorded under the webhook's attempts property. Each attempt includes the recorded request and response of the delivery attempt. Webhooks are sent asynchronously and are not guaranteed to be delivered in order. We recommend that applications protect against duplicated events by making event processing idempotent.

Webhook resource #

idWebhook unique identifier
topicWebhook topic that denotes the type of action that occurred with Dwolla
accountIdAccount associated with the webhook notification
eventIdEvent id for this webhook
subscriptionIdWebhook subscription id for this event
attemptsArray of attempt JSON object

Attempts JSON object #

idUnique id of webhook delivery attempt.
requestRequest JSON object
responseResponse JSON object

Request/response JSON object #

createdISO-8601 timestamp
urlURL where data was sent to/received from
headersArray of objects with keys name and value representative of HTTP headers
bodyAn Event for the webhook
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