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Webhook subscriptions #

Create a webhook subscription to receive POST requests from Dwolla (called webhooks) when events associated with your application occur. Webhooks are sent to a URL which you provide when creating a webhook subscription. While we see most applications maintain one webhook subscription, you can have up to ten active webhook subscriptions in Sandbox, and up to five in Production at a time. Refer to the events section for the complete list of events that trigger webhooks. To view example payloads for Customer related events, refer to the Webhooks Events resource within the Developer Docs.

Automatic pause of a webhook subscription #

Dwolla will automatically pause subscribed webhook endpoints that are no longer reachable. The webhook subscription will be paused after 400 consecutive failures and 24 hours since the last success. This will help us ensure that unavailable endpoints don’t cause delays or issues in delivery of notifications for other API customers. Webhook subscriptions can be unpaused by calling this endpoint.

Acknowledgement and retries #

When your application receives a webhook, it should respond with a HTTP 2xx status code to indicate successful receipt. If Dwolla receives a status code greater than or equal to 3xx, or your application fails to respond within 10 seconds of the attempt, another attempt will be made. Dwolla will not follow redirects and will treat them as a failure.

Dwolla will re-attempt delivery 8 times over the course of 72 hours according to the backoff schedule below. If a webhook was successfully received but you would like the information again, you can call retrieve a webhook by its Id.

Delivery rate #

Webhooks are delivered in near real-time as events tied to your application are created. If there is a large number of events created for your application within a short timeframe, Dwolla may deliver bursts of 10 concurrent webhook requests to your subscribed URL. We encourage applications to make their webhook handler do as little as possible and only perform a high level validation of the request. Once initial validation is performed, immediately acknowledge the webhook request and process it in the background later. If your subscribed webhook URL is unable to handle the volume of concurrent requests, please contact Dwolla developer support and the delivery rate can be adjusted.

Retry numberInterval (relative to last retry)Interval (relative to original attempt)
115 min15 min
245 min1 h
32 h3 h
43 h6 h
56 h12 h
612 h24 h
724 h48 h
824 h72 h

Webhook subscription resource #

idWebhook subscription unique identifier.
urlSubscribed url where Dwolla should deliver the webhook notification.
pausedA boolean true or false value indicating if the webhook subscription is paused. A webhook subscription will be automatically paused after 400 consecutive failures. In addition, a subscription can be paused or unpaused by calling this endpoint in the API.
createdISO-8601 timestamp
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