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Labels #

A Label represents a designated portion of funds within a Verified Customer's balance. To create a label, you’ll specify the ID of a Verified Customer and an amount. Your application will maintain any other Label information or associations. Labels can be created, updated, and deleted. You can also list all Labels for a Verified Customer Record and list all entries for a specified Label. Note that a Verified Customer’s labeled amounts cannot exceed the balance available in such Verified Customer's account.

selfURL of the Label resource.
ledger-entriesGET this link to list the ledger entries for a Label.
updateGET this link to update the ledger for this Verified Customer.
removeGET this link to remove the Label for this Verified Customer.

Label resource #

_linksA _links JSON object that contains links to suggested resources and actions available based on the current context.
idA Label unique identifier.
amountAn Amount JSON object that contains value and currency keys. Reference the amount object to learn more.
createdISO-8601 timestamp.

Amount object #

valueAmount of funds.
currencyAcceptable values: USD
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