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Verify KBA Questions #

This section covers how to verify the KBA questions for Customer verification.

HTTP Request #


Request parameters #

idyesstringThe id of the KBA session to verify questions for.
answersyesobjectAn array of four JSON objects that each consist of two key-value pairs -- questionId and answerId.

answers JSON object

questionIdyesstringThe id of a question in a KBA session.
answerIdyesstringThe id of an answer to the corresponding question in a KBA session.

Example request and response #

Accept: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json
Authorization: Bearer cRahPzURfaIrTewKL18tmslWPqKdzkLeYJm0oB1hGJ1vMPArft1v


    "answers": [
            "questionId": "2355953375",
            "answerId": "2687969335"
            "questionId": "2355953385",
            "answerId": "2687969385"
            "questionId": "2355953395",
            "answerId": "2687969435"
            "questionId": "2355953405",
            "answerId": "2687969485"

HTTP Status and Error Codes #

HTTP StatusCodeDescription
200OKKBA scoring is complete. Check verificationStatus to determine if the user passed or failed KBA verification.
403InvalidResourceStateThe kba session has expired.
403InvalidResourceStateThe kba session is no longer valid.
404NotFoundKBA session not found.
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