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Sift Integration #

As part of Dwolla’s API, you can choose to implement Sift’s machine learning model for real-time ACH fraud monitoring.

The need to leverage machine learning in protecting against fraud becomes increasingly valuable as payment volume scales. With this in mind, many Dwolla customers look for the right solution to help manage risk for their ACH payments.

Often, we see customers choosing to use Sift in order to better monitor and protect against fraud. We understand the value Sift’s real-time risk scoring model can provide our customers, so we’ve integrated the service right into the Dwolla API.

Integration overview #

Your integration with Sift will involve the placement of Sift JavaScript within your application. Dwolla is unable to perform this code placement on your behalf, as the Sift JavaScript implementation occurs within your application.

As outlined in the bullet points above, first you’ll insert your Sift JavaScript within your application. Subsequently, you will copy and paste your Sift API key within the Integrations section under Account in the Dwolla API Dashboard. Then you are all set!

The events below are sent to Sift on your behalf by Dwolla’s API, and there is no additional development needed on your side. Events will begin populating into Sift once your integration is complete.

Dwolla EventSift EventFields SentCustomer Created$create_accountuser_id, name, user_email, phone (optional), address (Billing Address)Customer Updated$update_accountSame as above in addition to: customField ("type"= accountType (personal or business)), customField ( "status" = (suspended)), payment_methods = routing_numberCustomer SuspendedLabel User with $abuse_type = 'account_abuse'api_key, abuse_type = account_abuseCustomer Funding Source Added$update_accountCustomer Funding Source Removed$update_accountTransfers$transaction with $transaction_type = '$transfer'type, api_key, transaction_type = (deposit, withdrawal, or transfer), amount, currency_code=USD, transaction_status=success, failure, or pending, billing_address, and transfer_recipient_user_idTransfers In$transaction with $transaction_type = '$deposit'Transfers Out$transaction with $transaction_type = '$withdrawal'

If you would like to go live with your Dwolla API integration, please reach out to our sales team. If you already have an Dwolla API Integration and would like to get started with Sift, log in and connect your Sift account now.

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