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List items for a mass payment #

A mass payment contains a list of payments called items. An item is distinct from the transfer which it creates. An item can contain a status of either failed, pending, or success depending on whether the payment was created by the Dwolla service or not. A mass payment item status of success is an indication that a transfer was successfully created. A mass payment's items will be returned in the _embedded object as a list of items.

HTTP Request #

GET https://api.dwolla.com/mass-payments/{id}/items

Request parameters #

ParameterRequiredTypeDescriptionidyesstringMass payment unique identifier.limitnointegerHow many results to return. Defaults to 25.offsetnointegerHow many results to skip.statusnostringFilter results on item status. Possible values: failed, pending, and success. Values delimited by &status= (i.e. - /items?status=failed&status=pending).

Mass payment item failures #

Individual mass payment items can have a status of failed. If an item has a status of failed, an _embedded object will be returned within the item which contains a list of errors. Each error object includes a top-level error code, a message with a detailed description of the error, and a path which is a JSON pointer to the specific field in the request that has a problem. You can utilize both the failure code and message to get a better understanding of why the particular item failed.

CodeMessageDescriptionInsufficientFunds"Insufficient funds."The source funding source has insufficient funds, and as a result failed to create a transfer.Invalid"Receiver not found."The destination was not a valid Customer or Funding Source.Invalid"Receiver cannot be the owner of the source funding source."The destination of the transfer cannot be the same as the source.RequiresFundingSource"Receiver requires funding source."The destination of the mass payment item does not have an active funding source attached.Restricted"Receiver restricted."The destination customer is either deactivated or suspended and is not eligible to receive funds.

HTTP status and error codes #

HTTP StatusCodeDescription403ForbiddenNot authorized to list mass payment items.404NotFoundMass payment not found.

Request and response #

// Using dwolla-v2 - https://github.com/Dwolla/dwolla-v2-node
var massPaymentUrl =

dwolla.get(`${massPaymentUrl}/items`).then((res) => res.body.total); // => 2

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