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Verify micro-deposits #

This section covers how to verify micro-deposits for bank verification. Reference the funding source verification resource article for more information on the micro-deposit method of bank account verification. Note: Micro-deposits do not expire. Micro-deposits can be verified anytime in the future after they have a processed status in the Dwolla system.

HTTP request #

POST https://api.dwolla.com/funding-sources/{id}/micro-deposits

Request parameters #

ParameterRequiredTypeDescriptionidyesstringid of funding source to verify micro-deposits on.amount1yesstringAn amount JSON object of first micro-deposit. Contains value and currency.amount2yesstringAn amount JSON object of second micro-deposit. Contains value and currency.

HTTP status and error codes #

HTTP StatusCodeDescription200OKMicro-deposits successfully verified.202TryAgainLaterMicro-deposits have not have not settled to destination bank. A Customer can verify these amounts after micro-deposits have processed to their bank.400ValidationErrorInvalidAmount, "Wrong amount(s)."400MaxNumberOfResourcesMicro-deposits already initiated for this funding source.403InvalidResourceState"Too many attempts.", "Bank already verified."404NotFoundMicro-deposits not initiated,Funding source not found500Unknown"Verify micro-deposits returned an unknown error."

Request and response #

// Using dwolla-v2 - https://github.com/Dwolla/dwolla-v2-node
var fundingSourceUrl =
var requestBody = {
  amount1: {
    value: "0.03",
    currency: "USD",
  amount2: {
    value: "0.09",
    currency: "USD",

dwolla.post(`${fundingSourceUrl}/micro-deposits`, requestBody);

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