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Retrieve micro-deposits details #

This section shows how to retrieve the status of micro-deposits and check if micro-deposits are eligible for verification. If the status of micro-deposits is failed, a failure object will be returned in the response body which includes the ACH return code and description.

HTTP request #

GET https://api.dwolla.com/funding-sources/{id}/micro-deposits

Request parameters #

ParameterRequiredTypeDescriptionidnostringid of funding source to check status of validation deposits.

Micro-deposits object #

AttributeDescription_linksA _links JSON objectcreatedISO-8601 timestampstatusPossible values: pending, processed, or failed. pending represents micro-deposits initiated and are en route to their destination. processed represents micro-deposits have reached the destination account and are awaiting verification. failed represents micro-deposits failed to clear successfully to the destination.failureDetermines if micro-deposits fail to complete to a bank. Failure is an object that contains a code and description, which represents the ACH return code and description of the return.

HTTP status and error codes #

HTTP StatusCodeDescription200OkPending micro-deposits exist.404NotFoundThe requested resource was not found.

Request and response #

var fundingSourceUrl =

dwolla.get(`${fundingSourceUrl}/micro-deposits`).then((res) => res.body.status); // => "failed"

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