Account types

Access API Customer accounts

An Access API Customer account is created programmatically by a Partner’s CIP Verified Dwolla account via the endpoint “Create New Customer”. All required account information will be handled through the API and the Customer will interact directly with the Partner Dwolla account account to manage their account.

Verified Customer

This third-party-created account requires the same user profile data as a Transfer CIP Verified account. A Verified Customer account is required when the Partner’s end user needs to hold a Dwolla balance or transact with an Unverified Customer account type. Types of Verified Customers include: Personal or Business.

Unverified Customer

An Unverified Customer is a third-party-created account that requires a minimal amount of account data: first name, last name, email address, and IP address. Note: Unverified Customer accounts have a default sending transaction limit of $5000 per week. A week is defined as Monday to Sunday.

Receive-only Customer

Receive-only Customers are restricted to a “payouts only” business model within the Access API. A receive-only customer maintains limited functionality in the API and is only eligible to receive transfers to an attached bank account from the Dwolla Account that created it.

Financial institutions play an important role in the Dwolla network.

Dwolla, Inc. is an agent of Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank and all funds associated with your account in the Dwolla network are held in pooled accounts at Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank. These funds are not eligible for individual insurance, including FDIC insurance and may not be eligible for share insurance by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Dwolla, Inc. is the operator of a software platform that communicates user instructions for funds transfers to Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank.