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Partner Integrations #

Dwolla is partnering with industry leaders in key areas to build out a network of service providers that ultimately help Dwolla clients expand their business.

As an integration partner, you can build a third-party integration app to capture authorization from a Dwolla client which gives you permission to interact with data stored in Dwolla. The capabilities of custom integrations are endless and can include applications that send transaction events as Slack messages or import transaction data into Quickbooks.

The Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, as a whole, provides our API Clients with seamless opportunities to provide a more complete offering for their platform and Ecosystem Partners with easier access to a new segment of potential customers. With a technical integration, you open up additional opportunities for growth and usage for your app.

Applying to the Integration Partner Program #

Before creating an integration application, you must apply to become an integration partner. Our partnerships team will guide you through the process of developing and publishing an integration to Dwolla’s Integration Directory. To ensure a seamless and secure integration, all integration partners will follow a set of guidelines and requirements prior to becoming listed as an approved partner.

Sign Up now to be an Integration Partner

Partner Integration Examples #

Build your own Integration #

Integration Authorization
Dwolla uses OpenID Connect, which is a layer built on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, to facilitate authorization. Learn about obtaining access tokens which are used when calling the Dwolla API to access data that belongs to a Dwolla API Client.
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Financial institutions play an important role in our network.

All funds transfers made using the Dwolla Platform are performed by a financial institution partner, and any funds held in a Dwolla Balance are held by a financial institution partner. Learn more about our financial institution partners.