V1 to Dwolla v2 API endpoint changes

The table below provides a mapping of endpoints in v1 to their equivalent in the Dwolla v2 API. Links to the Dwolla v2 API reference docs are provided alongside each method. Not all v2 API endpoints are listed, therefore you’ll want to reference the API docs for new functionality such as Customers and Webhook-Subscriptions.

v1 name/linkv1 Endpoint ( v2 API name/linkDwolla v2 API Endpoint (
Catalog/catalogRoot/Fetch a list of resources available to the user account. Entry point to the API.
Send Money/transactions/sendTransfers - Initiate a transfer/transfersSend money from the authorized user to an email address or another Dwolla account. Not supported: Notes cannot be attached to transactions. Phone is not a supported destination type. FiSync is not currently a supported processing type. New: A Dwolla PIN is no longer needed to send money.
Checkouts - Create a Checkout/offsitegateway/checkoutsN/AN/AOff-site gateway is not currently supported in the v2 API. Your application must continue to leverage v1 until further notice.
Funding Sources - List Funding Sources/fundingsources/Accounts - List funding sources for an account/accounts/{id}/funding-sourcesList funding sources attached to a Dwolla account.
Funding Sources - Get a Funding Source/fundingsources/{id}Funding sources - Retrieve a funding source/funding-sources/{id}Retrieve a funding source(either Bank Account or Dwolla balance) attached to a Dwolla account.
Funding Sources - Withdraw to a funding source/fundingsources/{id}/withdrawTransfers - Initiate a transfer/transfersTransfer money from a Dwolla balance to the bank of an authorized user. New: A Dwolla PIN is no longer needed to transfer funds. Webhooks are sent when moving money out of a balance.
Funding Sources - Add money from a Funding Source/fundingsources/{id}/depositTransfers - Initiate a transfer/transfersTransfer money from a bank to the Dwolla balance of an authorized user. New: A Dwolla PIN is no longer needed to transfer funds. Webhooks are sent when moving money into a balance.
Funding Sources - Add new Funding Source/fundingsources/Accounts - Create a funding source for an account/funding-sourcesAttach a bank to a Dwolla account. The funding source will be added as unverified within Dwolla and will need to be verified before it’s eligible to send. New: A webhook is sent when a funding source is added.
Funding Sources - Verify a Funding Sourcesfundingsources/{id}/verifyFunding sources - Initiate micro-deposits & Verify micro-deposits/funding-sources/{id}/micro-depositsVerify micro-deposits initiated to a funding source belonging to an account. New: Webhooks are sent through the micro-deposit verification process.
Transactions - List a user’s transactions/transactionsAccounts - List and search transfers for an account/accounts/{id}/transfersList all transactions for a Dwolla account. Not supported: Transaction types(money_sent, fee, withdraw, etc.) aren’t returned on transactions.
Transactions - List an app’s transactions/transactionsN/AN/ANot supported: The Dwolla v2 API does not have a method that allows an application to view transactions facilitated by the app itself.
Transactions - Get a specific transaction/transactions/{id}Transfers - Retrieve a transfer/transfers/{id}Retrieve a transfer belonging to the authorized user. Not supported: Transaction type is not returned on the transfer. Expected clearing date is no longer returned for bank transfers. Source and destination names are no longer displayed on the transfer object.
Transactions - Search transactions/transactions/searchAccounts - List and search transfers for an account/accounts/{id}/transfersSearch transactions for the authorized user. New: Transaction search is included on the List Transfers for an Account endpoint. Same request params supported on the Dwolla v2 API as v1.
Scheduled Payments/transactions/scheduledN/AN/ANot supported: Includes: Create, List, Retrieve, Edit, Delete, and Delete all Scheduled Payments. Note: Scheduled transactions are allowed in the Dwolla v2 API, however you’ll need to build your own scheduler and call the transfers endpoint.
Transaction Stats/transactions/statsN/AN/ANot supported. Information will likely be accessible in the new Dwolla dashboard.
Users - Get Basic Account Info/users/{account_identifier}Accounts - Retrieve account details/accounts/{id}Retrieve name and unique account identifier for a Dwolla account.
Users - Get Full Account Info/usersN/AN/ANot supported
Users - Get Email Address/users/emailN/AN/ANot supported
Users - Get Avatar/avatars/{dwolla_id}N/AN/ANot supported
Users - Find Nearby Businesses/contacts/nearbyN/AN/ANot supported
Users - Find Users Nearby/users/nearbyN/AN/ANot supported
Contacts - Get a user’s contacts/contactsN/AN/ANot supported
Balance/balanceFunding sources - Retrieve a funding source/funding-sources/{id}Retrieve the balance of a funding source.
MassPay - Create Job/masspayMassPay - Initiate a mass payment/mass-paymentsInitiate a mass payment for the authorized account to many recipients. New: Metadata can be added to a MassPay job. Webhooks are sent notifying your app of the status of a mass payment.
MassPay - List Jobs/masspayAccounts - List mass payments for an account/accounts/{id}/mass-paymentsRetrieve all mass payments for the authorized account.
MassPay - Retrieve Job/masspay/{id}MassPay - Retrieve a mass payment/mass-payments/{id}Retrieve a single mass payment for the authorized account.
MassPay - List a Job’s Items/masspay/{id}/itemsMassPay - List items for a mass payment/mass-payments/{id}/itemsList the items contained in a mass payment.
MassPay - Retrieve a Job’s Item/masspay/{jobid}/items/{itemid}MassPay - Retrieve a mass payment item/mass-payment-items/{id}Retrieve a single item for a mass payment.
Refund/transactions/refundN/AN/ANot supported. Your app will need to handle refunds by calling the initiate a transfer endpoint, specifying the source, destination and amount to be refunded.
Money Requests/requestsN/AN/AIncludes: Create, List, Retrieve, Fulfill, and Cancel a Money Request.
Account Settings - Get Auto Withdrawal Status/accounts/features/auto_withdrawlN/AN/ANot supported
Account Settings - Enable/Disable Auto Withdrawal/accounts/features/auto_withdrawlN/AN/ANot supported

Production: Operational

Financial institutions play an important role in the Dwolla network.

Dwolla, Inc. is an agent of Veridian Credit Union and all funds associated with your account in our network are held in one or more pooled accounts at Veridian Credit Union. These funds may not be eligible for share insurance by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Dwolla, Inc. is the operator of a software platform that communicates user instructions for funds transfers to Veridian Credit Union.