Step 2: Create an IAV token #

Before calling a function within dwolla.js to render the IAV flow, you need to generate an IAV token. Your server initiates a POST request to Dwolla, specifying for which Dwolla account or Dwolla API Customer you want to add a bank account. Dwolla will respond with a single-use IAV token that expires in an hour. This token will be sent to the client and used to authenticate the HTTP request asking Dwolla to add a new funding source. Note: Creating a new IAV token for a Customer will invalidate any unexpired IAV tokens that were previously created.

// Using dwolla-v2 -
var customerUrl =
  "";`${customerUrl}/iav-token`).then((res) => res.body.token); // => 'lr0Ax1zwIpeXXt8sJDiVXjPbwEeGO6QKFWBIaKvnFG0Sm2j7vL'

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