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Use this tool to easily generate an API token for your Dwolla account

Sometimes, you just need an access token to your own account, without going through the hassle of creating an entire OAuth flow. We hear ya. That's why we created a tool that lets you generate an access token with a Dwolla account.

Generate a token using your own app

If you'd like to generate a token associated with your own application (perhaps so you can receive Webhook notifications for successful payments) provide your application credentials below and indicate the scopes you need. Important: Keep in mind that the access token generated will expire in 1 hour, so to maintain access be sure to refresh authorization.

Required: You will need to set your created application's OAuth Redirect URL to https://developers.dwolla.com/dev/token/callback before generating an access/refresh token pair. Reference this forum post for more information on setting this field.


Generate a token using our generic app

Click on one of the buttons below to generate an API token on either our Production environment (www) or Sandbox environment (uat). The token you'll get will be associated with our generic Dwolla application.
Note: This generated token cannot be refreshed, thus limiting its viable use to 1 hour.

Production Environment Sandbox Environment
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