API / Off-Site Gateway

Dwolla's hosted checkout flow

The Off-Site Gateway API is a way to seamlessly pay for goods or services online utilizing Dwolla's API. Using a Dwolla-provided checkout experience, customers can authenticate and authorize payment of a purchase order utilizing Dwolla as the processing platform. Once complete, the user is sent back to the merchant's URL. There are two different ways to initiate an Off-Site Gateway checkout session:

By flagging the checkoutWithApi parameter to false or true, respectively, the Gateway can be configured to handle payment in two different ways:

  • Pay Immediately: the payment is automatically sent immediately after the user clicks “Place Order” then the user is redirected back to the merchant site with query string information about the checkout and the resulting payment. Read about Pay Immediately »

  • Authorize Now - Pay Later: the user authorizes the payment on the Gateway and clicks “Continue” to be redirected back to the merchant site, but no payment is placed yet. From that time forward, the merchant will have up to 15 minutes to submit a POST to complete the checkout and send the payment. Read about Pay Later »

Dwolla Direct (or previously known as Guest Checkout), when enabled via the allowGuestCheckout parameter, lets users pay directly from their bank account without having a pre-existing Dwolla account. Read about Dwolla Direct »

User Experience

Initiating a Checkout Session

Submit Directly

Server-to-Server Checkout Request

Checkout Flows

Pay Immediately

Authorize Now, Pay Later

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