Developer Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we receive on a daily basis, ranging from questions about: Dwolla, our REST API, and the Off-Site Gateway. You'll find solutions to problems caused by easy-to-overlook mistakes frequently made by developers as well as explanations of usual API errors.

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Does Dwolla use a bank account and routing numbers?

Yes. Dwolla accounts can be linked to a US-based checking or savings accounts. The Funding Sources / Add endpoint is used to connect up to two bank accounts to a Dwolla account.

Can recurring payments be scheduled?

Recurring payments are only possible via users' hub pages. An API for recurring payments is currently being developed, but isn't available for public use yet.

Is bank account information (routing and account numbers) kept on Dwolla's servers?

All bank information is stored securely by Dwolla, according to the highest industry security standards.

What happens if a transaction doesn't go through? Will I get notified? How do you check that with the API?

When the status of a transaction changes (either fails, or succeeds), Dwolla will notify the WebHook server designated in the Dwolla App settings. Alternatively, an app can always use the Transactions/ById API method to query a transaction's status.


After logging in at the OAuth dialog, I'm sent to a "Sorry, page not found" page

Be sure that you've encoded (escaped) your client_id and redirect_uri querystring parameters.

Off-Site Gateway

I get "Invalid application credentials." even though my credentials are correct - I checked!

The API requires that you set the following header: "Content-Type: application/json" or else it will reject your request. Ensure that your data is JSON-encoded and that the header is properly set.