Why Partner With Dwolla?

Discover why merchants and consumers love us.

Dwolla is Safer

Dwolla never stores personal financial information inside of its transactions or devices. This means Dwolla transactions are safer, and less of a liability for both consumers and merchants. Learn more about our network and security partners.

Facilitator Fee

A simple feature that provides you, the value creator, the ability to compensate yourself by adding a fixed fee or a percentage on top of our low transaction cost.

Increase Profits

Example: If you take $10,000,000 in payments via credit card, with an average price of $40, you are probably paying between 2% to 5% - $200,000 to $500,000. That same amount and average price ends up costing $62,500 with Dwolla!

Transparent and Fair Fee Structure

It's simple. There are no hidden fees, no varying costs, no trial periods, no gimmicks. All transactions under $10 are free, and any payments greater than $10 cost $0.25 each. Find out how much you'll save with Dwolla.

Ease of Setup... Up and Running in No Time

Up and running ASAP with no complicated quotes, rates, or contracts. Agree to Dwolla's Terms of Service and go!

Mobile and Web Payments

We made it easy and risk-free for online and offline merchants to add Dwolla. Whether it's a checkout plug-in on your ecommerce website or an internet-connected device next to your point of sale, Dwolla's got you covered.